Enable a Proactive, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective Approach to Compliance

    Cyber Security Governance Riak ComlianceThe Master Control Corporate Compliance Management Solution serves as a single point of reference to manage multiple aspects of an ethics and compliance program, including policy management, a centralized library of compliance obligations, compliance assessments, surveys, third-party compliance, and case management.

    The solution is built on a scalable governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform with capabilities for automated workflows, collaboration, and real-time reporting. It gives organizations the ability to break down restrictive silos, and strengthen integration on ethics and compliance activities.

    Through a federated approach, the solution enables teams across cyber security compliance, risk, audit, human resources, and legal to effectively manage their individual compliance responsibilities, while simultaneously coordinating enterprise-wide compliance activities. Complex organizational hierarchies can be mapped in an organized manner with clearly defined lines of responsibility and accountability. In addition, role-based reports and dashboards with drill-down and roll-up capabilities simplify compliance monitoring.

    Master Control governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud and dispute consulting, and financial advisory services. We can help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilization of people, process and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.

    Whether you need help and guidance at the board, C-level, or enterprise risk and compliance level, our professionals have deep experience in every major industry, so we can provide guidance and insight that makes sense for your unique business. Our services encompass:

    Governance and oversight (at the board level)

    • Improve board effectiveness
    • Set the right tone and make effective decisions
    • Assess and implement ethics programs, training, change management, anti-fraud programs and monitoring/reporting

    Enterprise Risk Management

    • Strategic risk management:  creating and protecting value from strategic risks
    • Design, implement and maintain a common risk infrastructure by leveraging people, process and technology transformation opportunities
    • Establish organization-wide consistency while simultaneously addressing different and unique functional needs
    • Identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report on risks
    • Integrate activities to effectively manage risk and compliance-related activities

    Corporate Compliance & Regulatory

    • Compliance program design and control testing
    • Compliance monitoring, assessment, and effectiveness
    • Regulatory consulting
    • Specialized compliance services:  FCPA, Anti-Money Laundering, Food and Product Safety, FDA Compliance, Direct and Indirect Tax Compliance, etc.

    1025+ Cyber Assessments

    3578+ Cyber Policies Created

    1058+ Companies Protected

    Master Control Cyber gives you protection and visibility for your greatest cyber security risk—your people.

    We provide the most effective cyber security and compliance solutions to protect people on every channel including email, the web, the cloud, and social media.



    Slow down cyber criminals with increased ICT controls, detect and prevent the malicious insider, architect solutions that avoid and respond to DDos, leverage optimal security architecture, design and maintain secure Cloud, Data and Application lifecycle



    Business Continuity Planning includes the DR supporting technical aspects of failover and recovery, project initiation and management, Disaster Recovery (DR) Scope, Business Impact Analysis, and Contract Management

    User Protection


    Securing the Human, Driving organizational change, Seeding the way toward a more lean, resilient and adaptable information security program, are just some of the positive outcomes from MasterControl GRC efforts.

    Ecosystem Protection


    Threat Assessment and Risk Management, Threat & Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, and Secure Configuration Baseline, Encryption & Key Management Governance, Data Lifecycle Management

    Master Control Cyber got started in 2007 with one goal in mind

    (i.e. Google, individual, etc...)

    Time for action within the business world!

    The rising incidence of fraud, corruption, and bribery, as well as legal, compliance, and ethical violations have resulted in greater liabilities and penalties for organizations than ever before. An effective corporate compliance program is no longer just an option— it is a necessity. The executive leadership and three lines of defense must be able to work together towards a common goal of sustaining compliance and trust with customers and stakeholders.

    Cyber Security Governance

    Master Control GRC helps better manage you security program, uncovers the real threats to your crown jewel assets with continuous automated monitoring of IT controls, and accelerates visibility into control effectiveness and gap analysis. The solution:

    • Protects investments by integrating with perimeter security, vulnerability and event management
    • Augments existing security solutions by managing cybersecurity risk inside your perimeter
    • Increases effectiveness with insider threat management as well as with policy-based and behavioral detection
    • Keeps cyber attacks from seriously damaging your company’s reputation

    Cyber Security Risk

    Master Control GRC ensures security alerts are prioritized based on actual activity through real-time monitoring of critical business data and provides visibility on multiple fronts of IT security – risk, threats, and compliance – to enable rapid remediation and mitigation of events which have the most business impact. The solution:

    • Secures your applications and data with real-time transaction, application and critical data monitoring
    • Manages threats based on your business risks by correlating existing IT alerts with security risks, business activity and asset criticality
    • Automates your compliance activities by incorporating regulatory and best practice requirements to define security controls that are then monitored in real-time
    • Quantifies risks, indicators, drivers, and impact for board room reporting on security posture

    Cyber Security Governance

    Master Control GRC recognizes that in current times, cyber governance and compliance are key issues for many industries due to the type of data they process or the regulatory and legal rules that apply to them. Your cyber security compliance obligations have never been more complex. For a start, there’s the cost, which increases in response to an ever-growing number of breaches. Then there’s the time and discipline required to implement security controls and then monitor them. Compliance management can be onerous, some firms adopt a minimalist approach, with the resultant risk that information exposures remain.  Security Compliance is primarily based on external requirements rather than your organizations own business or risk management objectives.

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