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Logos are everywhere you look. Businesses, schools, nonprofits, government agencies, public service organizations and people who want a well-defined personal brand can seek professional logo design work. As a client, you can hire a professional or freelance designer at any stage, including if you’re already partway into the process and realize you need a pro’s help.

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Logo DesignYour logo is a crucial part of your company’s visual and brand identity. When customers or clients see your logo they associate it with your services, goods or operations. Your logo can live wherever you want your brand identified: on social media posts; on merchandise packaging; on business cards and brochures; on your website; in your email signature; on the side of your company car; on billboards; on bumper stickers; on your storefront — you name it! Logos can be made up of your chosen brand color palette, design and type. When designing a logo for you, graphic designers, logo designers and marketing pros use color, design and type (font) to convey the spirit of your business or personal brand — such as bold, trustworthy, luxurious or hip. Logo colors can convey your brand; traditional colors like hunter green, gold and black might be a good choice if you offer financial services, while an interior designer targeting a younger demographic might want to use vibrant, modern colors. A good design delivers a strong first impression and is an integral part of your brand, so it pays to spend a little more time and money for a quality logo.